Supplements That Interfere with Apocaps CX

Always check with your veterinarian about using Apocaps CX/CXE and/or any other supplement. Your veterinarian really knows your dog best :-)

Apocaps CX has pro-oxidant support, which is the opposite of anti-oxidant support. Apocaps CX is generally safe to used alongside any pro-oxidant. 

You can use antioxidants alongside Apocaps, but it's best if you do not give them at the same time because they can interfere with Apocaps. Give them a minimum of three hours apart. Since these supplements are usually given with meals, and Apocaps is given between meals, this usually works out perfectly.

If you are giving separate standalone supplements that contain the same ingredients as Apocaps, please do not combine them with Apocaps, as you may inadvertently give your dog "too much of a good thing."

If you are giving artemisinin, it can interact with Apocaps, so we do not recommend using them at the same time. 

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