Are Apocaps CX/CXE considered medicinal mushroom supplements?

No, Apocaps® CX and Apocaps® CXE are not medicinal mushroom blends. 

Apocaps® is a blend of dietary apoptogens, including citrus bioflavonoids, silymarin, curcumin, rutin, and gingerols, with a very small amount of beta-glucans from mushrooms added. Apocaps® is designed to support the body's normal levels of apoptosis. It offers pro-oxidant support.

On the other hand, medicinal mushroom supplements like K9 Immunity, I'm Yunity, or any other blend/brand of mushrooms, don't contain dietary apoptogens, and their levels of beta glucans are much higher. The purpose of a mushroom blend is to offer immune support and antioxidant support.

Veterinarians often suggest using both medicinal mushroom and Apocaps, and Apocaps® was created with the use of a separate mushroom supplement in mind

Apocaps® is given between meals, and mushrooms with meals, which means that their pro-oxidant and antioxidant support do not conflict with each other. 

As always, please check with your veterinarian to see how Apocaps fits into your dog's care.

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