Giving Ingredients Separately In Addition to Apocaps CX/CXE

You should always consult with your veterinarian prior to introducing your dog to Apocaps® and before making any changes to your dog's health care. 

If dogs are already being given standalone supplements of the ingredients in Apocaps® CX or Apocaps® CXE, they may not be receiving the full benefit, because bioavailability is almost always a problem with dietary apoptogens. (That’s why we formulate with Biovadex™.)

Most veterinarians recommend using Apocaps® instead of standalone supplements because of its more potent blend and the excellent synergy among the included apoptogens.

Apocaps® CX is carefully constructed to be complete on its own, and no duplicating supplements are needed.

This is why most veterinarians will simply stop giving other supplements with these  ingredients  because the more potent and bioavailable formula in Apocaps® CX is usually better and more supportive than giving each one separately. In other words, if you gave each ingredient separately in the doses found in our formula, you probably wouldn't have the same benefits as giving Apocaps, because the formula enhances the ingredients and helps them absorb.

Some people like using separate supplements that contain the same ingredients as Apocaps CX and Apocaps CXE, either because they are already used to doing so or because they think they are saving money. While we understand why you might suspect this, it just isn't true. This formula is carefully constructed and formulated so that it is impossible to really duplicate it in your home kitchen. 

Regardless of why you want to duplicate Apocaps CX or Apocaps CXE by using other supplements that overlap in ingredients, we respectfully ask that you do not use Apocaps CX or Apocaps CXE if you are also using other supplements that contain the same ingredients. Doing so could potentially over-dose your loved pup.

This is the same reason we ask that you do not give your dog more Apocaps CX than is listed on the label by weight. 

Natural, herbal products are not "always safe at any dose," as any pharmacist will tell you, so please either consult with your veterinarian about this and all other supplement use.

Please consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your  dog's  health care and prior to introducing your dog to Apocaps®. 

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