What Are the Exact Amounts in Your Proprietary Blend?

We don't reveal the individual amounts of each ingredient, because pet supplements are a competitive business, and we don't want to give our formula away. We're kind of like Coca Cola, that way :-)

Let us explain our reasons thoroughly:

Usually, when people ask for the amount of each of the ingredients in Apocaps® CX or Apocaps®CXE, they are hoping to save money by buying and dosing the separate ingredients. We understand this, because it's true that Apocaps® can cost more on its own than if you purchased some of the more common ingredients separately. (Although there are a couple of ingredients that are just as expensive.)

Other times when people ask this question, they are asking because they are in a state of "I need to do everything possible for my dog, so I will give everything in Apocaps separately as well, and also every other supplement I've read about, too."

Whatever the case may be, knowing the individual amounts of each ingredient wouldn't accomplish your goal. 

That's because giving the separate apoptogens on their own, even if you exactly duplicated the amounts we use, would not have the same benefit as giving Apocaps® itself. 

Apocaps® is not just a collection of ingredients -- it's formulated for enhanced bioavailability, and so it seems to be "more than the sum of its parts."

With our roots in veterinary medicine, we actually have used separate supplements, trying to build bioavailability in the home kitchen. The reason Apocaps® CX even exists is that it became clear that in order to really make these dietary apoptogens bioavailable, we had to figure out how to trick the digestive system into letting them through into the bloodstream. And that just wasn't easy to do at home.

One of the reasons Apocaps® CX costs more than separate supplements is because some of the included dietary apoptogens are rare or hard to source. Another is that it is formulated in such a way that it combines them for bioavailability. Most supplements cost pennies to make, but not Apocaps® CX.

Giving the ingredients separately would not give the same benefit as giving them all together in Apocaps' formulation. Apocaps® CX was designed to make it both more convenient and safer for you to give these ingredients to your dog. Since it takes over four years of advanced study to become a pharmacist, we decided to bring in the experts and make a supplement that works, rather than expecting people to master being a "home-based pharmacist."

If you are thinking about trying to "boost" Apocaps by giving additional doses of separate supplements, please keep in mind that giving more of a good thing does not mean that you are helping. Dosing matters, and sometimes, less is more. As a company intimately involved in supporting health, we are concerned about what we see as a rampant culture of using "natural supplements because they are safe," without understanding the potential pitfalls and dangers of using too much, or bad combinations.

That's why we rely on not just our chief medical officer's formulation, but the input of a whole team of scientists, nutritionists, and pharmacists to make our formulations.

We respectfully ask that if you want to give the separate ingredients of Apocaps® CX to your dog, either to save money or because you have a different strategy and don't want to "just use Apocaps," please do not buy or use Apocaps® CX for your dog. It's carefully constructed to be complete and perfect for supporting normal apoptosis on its own, and duplicating the formulation or double-dosing the individual ingredients is not recommended and should be avoided.

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