Which Dogs Should Not Use Apocaps CX/ CXE

Most dogs tolerate Apocaps® CX and Apocaps® CXE really well, but obviously, if your dog is allergic to individual ingredients in Apocaps® (CX or CXE), or if he or she has an allergic reaction to Apocaps®, avoid or discontinue use.

If your dog is allergic to gelatin, empty the powder from the capsule into a small amount of food, discarding the capsule.

Dogs actively experiencing vomiting or diarrhea should not be given Apocaps®, because anything given by mouth (any food, medication, or supplement) could possibly cause further stomach irritation. Discontinue use until the problem has resolved, and then start Apocaps® back up.

Adult dogs less than 5 pounds should not use Apocaps® capsules at this strength, although your veterinarian might want you to use it by opening capsules and using part of the powder inside. 

Safety has not been established for use in pregnant, nursing or breeding dogs. Consult with your veterinarian before any change to your dog’s health care and check with your veterinarian before using Apocaps®.

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