EverPup Jar Size

EverPup is sold by weight, and the jar holds a full month’s supply (180 grams) of the fluffy powder. That's 30 servings of 6 grams each.

However, because the motion of shipping can cause the very fine powder to settle, you might find that the powder has compacted by the time it reaches you. We promise you that when the powder goes in the jar, it's full!

If it feels like you are going through EverPup quickly, this is likely the reason. You can either use a kitchen scale to measure your 6 grams, or you can fill your scoop a little lower than the fill line/brim.

We guarantee that every jar of EverPup contains 180 grams of EverPup by weight, which is a thirty day supply for most dogs. In fact, we in customer service take our own jars of EverPup, weigh them, then empty the powder and weigh the jar separately, to make sure that the powder alone weighs 180 grams. We've never yet had a jar come up short. 

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