How to Scoop EverPup

Scooping EverPup couldn't be easier. A 6 gram scoop comes with every jar to help you scoop out the powder. There are 180 grams of powder in every jar, which is a 30 day supply of 6 grams each. 

Keep in mind that the powder settles in shipment, so what once filled the entire jar may have compacted by the time you break the safety seal. The scoop measures by volume, not weight, so the most accurate way to measure the powder is actually with a kitchen scale. 

But most people do just fine using the included scoop as a guide.

To scoop the powder, use the included scoop and shake out excess powder until it is just under the top rim of the scoop. That will be roughly 6 grams of powder, the daily dose for most dogs. 

If you need to measure half a scoop, either because you have a small dog or are splitting your daily scoop into two, simply shake out enough powder to fill just half the scoop. 

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