Bottle Safety Features

We manufacture to human nutraceutical standards, not pet supplement standards, so there are several safety features on our bottles and jars.

Please check to see if the clear, tamper-evident seal around the neck of the bottle is intact when you get your product.

Once you take off the cap on your bottle, check to see if the safety seal is there. That seal should be tight and completely closed around the entire neck of the bottle.

Also, check to make sure that your bottle is stamped with a Lot Number and an expiration date.

There should be 90 capsules in your bottle of Apocaps CX or Apocaps CXE. There should be 180 grams of powder (by weight!) n your jar of EverPup and Nutrocept.

If anything seems awry, please call us at 888-936-4226 or contact us using the link below and let us know about it so we can help.

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