How to Give EverPup

It couldn’t be easier to give EverPup to your dog. Unlike most pills and powders, EverPup tastes delicious to most dogs. The powder can be mixed right into food, and water added (if the food is dry) to make a little “gravy.” Or, your dog may like to lick it right off a plate!

Giving EverPup with meals is a good idea, to enhance absorption. Because dogs like the taste so much, it can be a good idea to split the daily dose up and give it with each meal. (For example, if you feed your dog twice a day, and your dog gets one scoop per day, give half a scoop with each meal).

There’s a 6-gram scoop included in each jar of EverPup.There are 180 grams of EverPup in each jar, which means each jar is a one-month supply for most dogs (and two months for little guys).

NOTE: EverPup is dosed by weight, but the scoop measures volume. EverPup is a very fine powder, and it settles quite a bit in transit. When it’s first filled at the factory, the jar is nearly full, but by the time you open it may be settled and compacted. The scoop holds 6 grams of powder when it’s fluffy, but once the powder has settled, the scoop may hold more. If you feel like you are “running out” before 30 days, it’s likely because the powder has settled.

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