Timing Apocaps Doses

Apocaps® CX and Apocaps® CXE are best given on an empty stomach so that they don't "compete" with foods, supplements, or medications. 

Give Apocaps with a small amount of food (1-2 tablespoons), just to buffer the stomach.

Give Apocaps® at least two hours after eating, ideally four hours after eating. 

Or, if your schedule can't work between meals, you could also give it one hour before a meal. (That way the stomach will be empty, and there will be enough time for Apocaps® CX to go to work before you introduce more food.)

There is some evidence that Apocaps® CX is best absorbed on/around the 11's -- 11am and 11pm. If you can, give it in the late morning and just before bedtime.

If these guidelines don't work for your schedule, it's OK to give Apocaps® CX closer to mealtimes, or even with a meal. This cuts down on the bioavailability a little but doesn't erase it.

Standard Disclaimer: consult with your veterinarian prior to giving Apocaps® to your dog and also before making any changes to your dog's health care. 

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