Apocaps CX/CXE Capsule Size

Sometimes folks wonder why our capsules are so small, and why so many are required, particularly for big dogs. The answer is really simple. 

When we formulated Apocaps® CX and Apocaps® CXE, we had to take into account that dogs of all sizes would be using it. That's why we use the tiniest capsules available -- size 00 -- so that dogs as small as 5 pounds can take Apocaps. Dogs that small only need two capsules per day, one taken in the morning, and one in the evening. If we used a larger capsule, small and medium size dogs would not be able to take the supplement.

We understand that if your dog is large, and needs nine capsules a day, it can seem like "too much." However, it's not too much. Three small capsules per dose are easier for many dogs to take than one large capsule. So this solution works out for large dogs, too!

One of the reasons we generally need to give dogs larger doses of supplements as compared to humans is because they have much shorter intestinal tracts than we do. We need to "hit them with a big dose" in order to make sure the ingredients make it into their bloodstream. 

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