My Dog Ate Too Much Nutrocept

We're glad to hear your dog likes Nutrocept enough to want so much of it!

Don't worry, the doses in Nutrocept are supplemental, so they are very low, about 1/10th the apoptogen doses in Apocaps CX and CXE. It's designed to just boost the dog's normal systems enough to support their normal, natural, healthy, vigorous healthy selves. 

Eating more Nutrocept than a day's dose is generally harmless. We've had customers tell us about dogs prying open brand new jars, eating through the safety seal, and consuming the entire jar -- a month's worth -- with no adverse effects. We've never heard of any dog suffering any problems after eating too much Nutrocept.

While it's a rather expensive snack, it's extremely unlikely to harm your dog. 

Of course, if you notice any problems at all with your dog, please contact your veterinarian right away and get their advice. 

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