Tips: Getting a Suspicious Dog to Try EverPup

Your dog doesn't gobble up EverPup? Oh, that's too bad! Most dogs really like EverPup and take to it immediately. EverPup is made with such quality ingredients and addresses so many areas of health that we really want your dogs to have every chance to enjoy this new addition to the diet. We have lots of ideas about things to try.

First, keep in mind that some dogs are just plain suspicious of new tastes. When a dog really loves their food already, to suddenly sprinkle something different changes the smell and the taste. Here are some tips to use to offer your dog the option of enjoying EverPup. In the vast majority of cases, one of these will help!

  1. Start with a tiny amount of EverPup at first, and work up to their recommended daily dose over the course of days or even weeks. Sometimes they just need to gradually be introduced to the new flavor. 
  2. Try using EverPup on just a small section of the food, in the same bowl. You can try this using EverPup as a dry sprinkle or as a broth drizzled on the food.
  3. Mix EverPup with a little water to make a broth and put it in a bowl or saucer next to the food bowl.
  4. Associate EverPup with their favorite treat! First, offer the treat, then offer EverPup powder (many dogs will lick it off your hand!), then offer another of their favorite treats.
  5. If the dog ever gets something irresistible like a chicken broth, mix a small amount of EverPup into it, and give a tiny taste first. They'll usually go through it easily and associate the little change with their special treat.

You may want to try some of the above and see if your dog will get the taste for it. Almost without exception, they do.

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