Product Recalls

We have been in business since 2008, and we have never had a product recall. 

We manufacture to  human nutraceutical standards, which means that every batch of ingredients, and each batch of each product, goes through thorough testing before, during, and after manufacturing. When a new lot leaves our manufacturing facility, we are confident it is safe and consistent.

If we ever needed to do a recall, we would go through the same process that any other human-grade nutraceutical would, according to the law. We would use the  Lot Number and Expiration Date associated with the problematic batch to recall the product. We would notify every retailer, veterinarian, or customer who had bought a bottle from that batch, alert them about the recall, and replace the product.

If you purchase directly from us, you would hear about a recall directly from us. If you purchase via a retailer or veterinarian, we would alert the retailer and work with them to make sure that you know about the recall.

If you have one of our products and believe there is something wrong with it, please contact us right away to tell us about it, so we can help you. You can email us using the form below, or call us toll-free: 1-888-936-4226.

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