Are These Organic Supplements?

No, our products are not certified organic, and we don't play the marketing games that some supplement companies play, either. 

In general, organic ingredients are desirable, of course, but not always possible. Keep in mind that we use extracts of botanicals to boost their potency. 

Most of our ingredients are sourced in the U.S., but a few of the more exotic ingredients simply are not available here, because they come from other traditions. In any case, all ingredients are tested to be what they say they are and to be safe. 

It's also important to know that each batch of ingredients undergoes many safety tests before it is used. Pesticides and herbicides are among the many contaminants we test for before an ingredient is used. 

Any raw ingredient that has residue is not used. These tests are required by the FDA for human nutraceutical manufacturing. They are routine and done for every raw ingredient and every batch of all of our products. You can read more about our human-grade nutraceutical manufacturing and what that means here.

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