New Supplements

"When will you have something new?"

We often hear this question from retailers and veterinarians who recognize the quality of our products and the thoughtful way in which they are made. They wish we would "offer more options" to our customers.

The simple answer to why we don't make more supplements is this: we don't need to. 

One of the reasons we obsess about dietary apoptogens is because they offer such a wide range of support. When a single food-based supplement can support three, four, or five organs in the body, it offers a lot of leverage. 

EverPup and Nutrocept, our daily supplements, offers what a dog needs on a daily basis throughout life. 

When you have one product that supports the body from nose to tail, why create more products for specific systems? Wouldn't that be, best case, redundant, and worse case, kinda sketchy? 

We're not going to pretend that it wouldn't be nice to "build out our line" and "add more SKU's." And we do have more ideas in the pipeline. 

But the reality is, we're not in the business of making lots of different supplements ... we're in the business of making the BEST supplements. And to do that, we find it's best to remain focused, on dietary apoptogens. 

Next up: Apocaps HN, the human formulation of Apocaps CX!

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