Why We Don't Make Cat Supplements (For Now)

We are hoping to do so, someday! As cat lovers know, cats are unique in many ways. They are very different from dogs, both in how they use and metabolize foods, what kinds of foods they can and cannot eat, how much of various nutrients they need ... the list goes on and on! And, as cat lovers also know, cats can be very, very picky :-)

Our chief medical officer wrote a book on dog health years ago, before Functional Nutriments was started, so making supplements for dogs was natural for us. As we learn more about how to support cat's unique systems and needs (and tastes), we hope to come out with a line of cat supplements. 

Some veterinarians do use our supplements in cats, but we do NOT recommend using our supplements in cats without close veterinary supervision. Some dietary apoptogens may be hard on a cat's system, and it's important that your veterinarian supervise their use. 

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