Why Is My Vet Recommending Nutrocept?

Veterinarians recommend Nutrocept to support good life quality in dogs.

In addition to supporting normal apoptosis, Nutrocept also offers prebiotics and probiotics for digestive health and several other ingredients that can support normal health of the joints, skin, immunity, heart, kidney, liver, brain, digestion, metabolism, and overall vitality. A multivitamin and potent antioxidants are also included. Nutrocept provides healthy support for every organ and system in your dog's body, which is why it's called the world's first multi-organ cytoprotectant.

Nutrocept can replace most nutraceuticals and supplements, which makes it very convenient. It’s also easy to give your dog – just mix the beautiful green powder into your dog’s food. It tastes delicious (to dogs), which means that they are happy to take it. Many will lick it right off a plate!

Nutrocept is especially potent because it is formulated using a special “Trojan Horse” technology called Biovadex™, which helps deliver the healthful benefits straight to the target organs and cells. 

Nutrocept is 100% human-grade and made to the highest human nutraceutical standards. Our labs are licensed by and inspected by the FDA and state authorities, and every ingredient in Nutrocept and every batch of Nutrocept undergoes rigorous safety and purity testing, so you can be sure that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle.

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