Apocaps CX/CXE or EverPup or Nutrocept?

Always ask your veterinarian about supplements for your dog's specific case.

Apocaps® CX and Apocaps® CXE feature relatively high levels of dietary apoptogens compared to EverPup and Nutrocept. 

Apocaps CX and Apocaps CXE are intended to be used with a veterinarian's supervision.

EverPup and Nutrocept feature much lower doses of some of the same dietary apoptogens and are not intended as replacements for Apocaps. 

If you are looking for a "daily" version of Apocaps you can use in dogs of all ages, EverPup is a solid overall supplement that includes dietary apoptogens. EverPup was specifically formulated by Dr. Demian Dressler in response to the most frequently asked question he got: “How do I keep my healthy dog healthy?” It contains some of the same dietary apoptogens as Apocaps, but at doses that are suitable for daily use in dogs of all ages. 

You can also buy Nutrocept, the veterinary-exclusive brand of EverPup, from your veterinarian. 

EverPup (and Nutrocept) can also be used at the same time as Apocaps. The ingredients overlap, but they are formulated to be used either alone or together. 

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