Talking to Your Veterinarian

Sometimes we hear from dog lovers that their veterinarian "doesn't believe in supplements."

What a shame! We are always really sorry to hear that, but we have to say, with our roots in veterinary medicine, we understand why some veterinarians are resistant to supplements. Not all supplements are made to human nutraceutical standards, and frankly, not all are as high quality and safe as ours are. 

In fact, our chief medical officer, Dr. Demian Dressler, was once a skeptical veterinarian with a thoroughly conventional mindset, too. What changed his mind was simple: research.

We invite your veterinarian to visit our veterinary information portal, where they can review the white paper on dietary apoptogens, see links to the original literature that forms the basis for our formulas, take courses, and hear what other veterinarians think. They can register using their veterinary license at And if you are looking for a second opinion, you can find holistic veterinarians through their Find a Vet feature on their trade website:

Many veterinary oncologists also use our products. You can find one in your area through their trade website:

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